A positive message of self-confidence and resilience: ‘Butterflies’ is the latest release from Dali Voodoo

Full of rap and pop vibes, Dali Voodoo’s new single ‘Butterflies’ encapsulates Dali’s positive message of self confidence and resilience. This positive message is the central theme of the track, and was kept as a focus throughout the recording process. This is further emphasised in the accompanying lyric video which is now available on YouTube.

Dallas based Dali Voodoo combines art, story and song to represent his identity. “Few people represent honesty from their heart and soul” says Dali Voodoo, and this is the aim he sets out with his new release ‘Butterflies’. Working with Legacy Music Group, ‘Butterflies’ is the first single to come from Dali Voodoo’s upcoming EP ‘Don’t Bug Me’.

‘Butterflies’ is available to stream via Spotify and all major digital platforms.

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