Surfing these Soundwaves: Introducing emerging rap artist, James Bailey

James Bailey is a self described “vibe surfer” from Los Angeles, CA who’s musical wave embraces the hip hop genre with a distinctly creative approach. While the style is inherently Bailey’s own, it’s hard to put this artist in a box as he’s released everything from boom-bap, to trap, to R&B, to indie low-fi tracks, surprising listeners with each unique single. Bailey is known for his clever lyricism, playful vocals, and his soulful style that makes him stand out as a rising artist in the industry.

Bailey grew up in Riverside, CA where he began playing saxophone at age 10 and rapping at age 16. While a longtime hip-hop fan, he became interested in the art of freestyling through a few of his older friends that would get together and rap over J. Dilla beats at parties. This hobby evolved into an obsession that would later take him to the stage, opening for acts like Lupe Fiasco and Lil’ Dicky.

Common themes that appear in his music are nostalgia, romance, escapism and the beauty within struggle. While Bailey hasn’t yet mentioned the release of a full length album in the near future, he has been steadily putting out singles, which you can find in the links below.

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Credits: All Photos by Christina Zimmerman

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