Taken from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining’, ‘Wasted’ & ‘Spend’ are the latest releases from rising UK songstress Renae Rain

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Renae Rain is a singer-songwriter, producer and musician. Her writing and singing abilities encompass multiple genres ranging from Soul/R&B, DnB, House and Soul Jazz.

When asked to describe her sound, Renae said:

“In my opinion there is no one true sound to define me, I like to describe my sound as eclectic and diverse.”

Renae recently lived and worked overseas in Estonia, Spain and Sweden, using the time wisely to reinvent her image, voice and sound. During her time abroad she also collaborated with several artists such as Rasmus Faber on his latest single ‘What Do You Do’ and newly released album ‘Two Left Feet’ where she wrote and vocalled on two tracks, ‘We Don’t Waste The Time’ and ‘Do My Best’.

Renae also appeared vocally and with writing credits on Estonian artists Jüri Pootsmann for his album titled ‘Tana’ and also The Alvistar Funk Association Album ‘Vikerviisid’ and co-wrote and vocalled on Estonian singer Kea’s single titled ‘New Start’.

Now back in the UK Renae Rain has returned to London where she has been working on her debut EP ‘Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining’, due for release in early 2020. So far from the EP Renae has successfully self released two amazing singles, ‘Wasted’ as her debut along with a music video followed by her second single ‘Spend’. Both singles were received very well and have been picked up by many radio DJ’s internationally who have been playing both tracks on radio shows including the BBC.

Photo credit: Dimitri Suvorov

Many US DJ’s from states such as Atlanta, New York and Houston Texas, have been personally requesting Renae’s new singles and she is very much looking forward to revealing ‘Spend’s official Music ‘Movie’ video at the end of December. The trailer for ‘Spend’ can be found now on her YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Renae Rain although up and coming as a music artist in her own right has managed to secure some great international collaborations for her upcoming single releases, one of which has had the involvement of Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown’s engineer of the ‘Indigo’ album (‘Big Juice’).

You can expect to hear a lot more great music from Renae Rain, more singles, international features and the release of her debut EP ‘Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining’. Get ready for a new and innovative EP that includes six tracks and three interludes.

‘Wasted’ and ‘Spend’ are both available now from all major platforms.

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