The cataclysm of depression and anger: ‘Racks’ is the debut single & video from emerging Trap artist, Yucifer

Trap artist Yucifer released his self produced debut single and video on the 19th December. Written from a personal space of struggle, ‘Racks’ was created as a vital form of self expression. Yucifer describes the writing process as something that “just felt natural, I just snapped and spat it all out at once.” This release is the cataclysm of depression and anger.

Yucifer has built up his brand with mental health awareness at the forefront of his message. Influenced by heavy rock bands like Linkin Park he is creating his own sound which merges with trap and hip hop. He has been likened to Night Lovell and Ghostemane. His dark and emotional lyrics do not fear broaching heavy topics as he trangresses through mental illness and psychological disorders.

‘Racks’ is available now via all major platforms.

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