A song of self-examination and reflection: ‘Toxic’ is the latest release from UK artist Notes Forrelli

Based in South London, Notes Forrelli is back with latest trap-soul single ‘Toxic’. Soulful lyrics layered over trap infused beats, ‘Toxic’ is a song of self-examination and reflection. This is the latest single from Notes Forrelli’s upcoming album ‘Love & Hate’ which is due for release in the Spring of 2020.

Notes Forrelli has been on the South London scene for quite some time under different guises. Starting out with the 853 crew in the early 2010s Notes Forrelli has returned with a new style and persona. Notes Forrelli has teamed up with producers Goldie 1, Bless Beats and Jae 5 over his past four solo projects and has worked closely with producer Dukus over the last ten years.

‘Toxic’ is the second single from upcoming album ‘Love & Hate’ and is available on all streaming platforms now.

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