An unpredictable song writer, vocalist, rapper & fashion designer: Introducing Inderpaul Sandhu

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Introducing Inderpaul Sandhu, the unpredictable song writer, vocalist, rapper and fashion designer from East London.

When asked to explain the concept behind his latest release ‘Letter To Self’ Inderpaul explains, “In my personal reflection I realised I had fallen into a very bad habit of writing off a whole day, week or month just because of 1 or 2 bad events that took place or even words that were said to me. When I sing ‘Letter To Self‘, it was just a bad day and not a bad life, I’m talking about self talk. When a friend of mine or loved one is hurting I try to be there for them, help them see straight, show them love and all that good stuff you know? I can be very caring and empathetic towards others but not myself, again ludicrous… Self talk is so important man, because when you’re in that black hole in your mind sometimes it’s only you that can pull yourself out of that hole. You gotta be the person YOU need for YOU!”

Bobby Friction describes his songs as “emotionally intelligent” and “ear-wormy”. Inder Paul’s instagram fans have taken very quickly to his latest single ‘Letter To Self’ which is from his next carnation ‘The Colindale Tape’ making this his fourth consecutive release to be playlisted. Imagine Cee Lo Green, Lenny Kravitz, Amy Winehouse, Prince and Otis Reading all on the same track.

“I remember looking at the TV when I was young like 10 and not seeing a single face that looked like mine. I never thought I could amount to anything creatively especially singing but then my godmother told me that talent didn’t have any colour…and now that I have found my talent and began to nurture it I just wanna die empty, I don’t want the grave to take any form of expression that I could of birthed before I died.”

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Creatively on the edge of parable-tic lyrics, from charming rap flows to smooth soulful rock. From his break-through international award-winning rap single ‘Money Ain’t A Thing’ to his sophomore soulful project ‘Bloom’, from which DJ Sharad picked up the monster single ‘Compromise’ for the Pharrell Williams and Adidas Holi mixtape. BBC playlisted consecutively three times with each of his major releases.

‘The Colindale Tape’ is available now via all major platforms.

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