Taken from his new EP ‘Unpolished’, ‘Dem Man Deh’ is the latest release from UK rap artist K Triggz

Born out of frustration ‘Dem Man Deh’ is an explosion of the blunt realisation of the negative situations artist K Triggz found himself in. Feeling himself held down by “the jealousy of the enemy” this single from his newly released Unpolished EP, shows K Triggz working through his mental state and taking his success into account. The highly produced video, directed by Christy Visuals, Liberi Fatali and Depsoul Ellis sees K Triggz situated in amongst his home city of London, portraying how his music has led him away from the struggles of modern society.

Ranging from Neo-Soul to Ambient Trap, K Triggz has proved himself to be a versatile artist. Collaborating with producer P Will on his new EP ‘Unpolished’ which is available now via all major platforms. K Triggz describes his sound as “vivid wordplay blended within a melodic bounce”. Also a visual artist, K Triggz also films and edits his own music videos.

Catch K Triggz at Breaking Sound: Brixton Jamm on 21st February 2020.

Stream/purchase ‘Unpolished’ here.

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