Telling a story of overcoming adversity, ‘Pogba’ is the latest release from emerging rap artist VxMP

VxMP captures imaginations with uplifting and inspiring track which draws comparisons with footballer Paul Pogba’s personal story. Telling the story of overcoming adversity, this track will resonate with audiences, it’s clever lyrics containing a strong message of positivity. Recorded in one take, ‘Pogba’ is indicative of Vxmp’s story telling ability and focused message. The accompanying video engages with popular music culture and puts the lyrics and message at the forefront.

Based in South London, Vxmp’s smooth lyrical style compliments the grime and hip hop beat. He often draws in sporting references into his lyrics which was immensely successful in his last release ‘Good Ebening’ which went viral after its release. Working with long time friend and producer Steely, Vxmp is crafting his own style within the grime genre.

‘Pogba’ is available now via Spotify all major platforms.

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