A soaring modern pop ballad, ‘Feelings’ is the captivating new single from Scottish singer-songwriter KOOLKID

‘Feelings’ is written by KOOLKID and Lewis Gardiner (ex-drummer of Scottish band, Prides). The single is a soaring, modern pop ballad which flaunts KOOLKID’s emotion-drenched vocals with engrossing, forward-thinking production.

“Falling in love with someone who is already in a relationship is never a good thing. ‘Feelings’ is an upbeat pop anthem that is sure to make you reminisce being in this situation,” says KOOLKID.

“You know you have certain feelings, but you only want to feel them with that one person, but you can’t. I feel like we can all relate to being in this situation at one point in our lives. I have and that is why I wrote this song.”

‘Feelings’ precedes KOOLKID’s debut single, ‘2 SOON’. Released last month, the track is a cleverly-crafted introduction to the Scotsman’s sound and vocal ability.

Hailing from Glasgow, KOOLKID was surrounded by live music from a young age. Since the age of 15, he has been building his musical identity with constant songwriting efforts, as well as cutting his teeth with live performances up and down the UK.

An accomplished songwriter, KOOLKID has penned tracks for some prominent pop acts, including K-Pop icons BTS. The Scotsman co-wrote ‘Mikrokosmos’ from the group’s chart-topping ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’ EP. The relationship between KOOLKID and BTS looks set to continue with future releases in the pipeline.

Another emotive track from KOOLKID, ‘Feelings’ sees one of the UK’s most exciting young artists continue to leave his mark.

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