A time to reflect: ‘Happy Belated’ is the latest release from UK rap artist, Fonzie

‘Happy Belated’, well what can we say.

A birthday is usually a time where your celebrating your life and being as carefree as possible. But this year Fonzie experienced a totally different birthday and it was in fact a time that he used for reflection.

The track takes us on a journey where Fonzie is letting us all know that despite all the praise and accomplishments, he’s only just getting started – more importantly that we should all trust in the process and not rush it as he now has it all planned out !

Produced by Roche, the track allows Fonzie to effortlessly float across the beat and get everything off his chest regarding the good and bad things he has trialled within his career and life thus far.

This is then heighted by the official video directed by Photogramz. In the video we see Fonzie’s closet comrades trying to interact with Fonzie who is seen to be in a complete trance, to the point that he his oblivious to their existence. The video perfectly portrays how the whole charades and birthday processions are completely irrelevant to Fonzie, who doesn’t even attempt to blow out his own candles. The video carefully highlights how Fonzie is fully focused on the goal and willing to sacrifice the fun and social interactions to make sure he obtains the goals that he and so many others wish for him to have !

“I sat down on my birthday on my own, at my table and was just reflecting about everything. Like I was sitting there thinking about the year that had passed and what I need to do. But leading on from this I was sent a beat by a producer called Roche and it just felt perfect and literally all just starting flowing out of my head. “ – Fonzie

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‘Happy Belated’ is available now via all major platforms.

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