Articulating the dark side of Hollywood living, ‘No Sleep’ is the latest release Los Angeles artist Shezi Rosewood

Articulating the dark side of Hollywood living, this intricate R&B infused hip hop track is the latest to come from Los Angeles artist Shezi Rosewood. Bringing themes of temptation and exploitation to light with the dark nature of the instrumental complimenting his smooth vocal hook. Shezi Rosewood delicately provides a social commentary on Hollywood life, its vices and virtues, with this mindful and unsettling release. The official video for ‘No Sleep’ is expected to drop mid-February and will continue to draw on these dark themes of temptation and ambition.

Formerly known as J-lie, Shezi Rosewood is an artist, entrepreneur and influencer. Involved with high status brands like Urban Outfitters, Coors Light and Adidas, Shezi Rosewood has built up a strong media presence. His debut single ‘Space Island’ has amassed over 40,000 streams on Spotify, with ‘No Sleep’ being highly anticipated from fans on his social media.

‘No Sleep’ is now available on all major platforms.

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