Layered with high production value and motivational lyrics: ‘Element’ is the latest release from UK based duo, TETRO

‘Element’ is a collaborative project between producer Cobra and UK based duo TETRO. Layered with high production value and motivational lyrics, Element is available now via all major platforms. The message behind the lyrics comes from the duo’s personal philosophy of taking direct action in believing in yourself. TETRO’s careful crafting of lyrics has resulted in this convincingly confident and motivational single.

TETRO is made up of Nigerian born brothers Lil Seraph and Styller Supreme. Influenced by 2. Pac, Wu Tang Clan and Drake these two brothers are developing themselves as diverse and versatile artists. Their name comes from an abbreviation of “Tell Em The Real One” which serves as a reminder to stay humble and authentic. Self taught musicians, ‘Element’ will be their fourth single.

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