A celebration of beauty and life: ‘Choko’ is the latest release from emerging Afrobeats artist Mezzibanks

Fuelled by its infectious rhythm ‘Choko’ is the latest blend of afrobeats and pop to come from US based Mezzibanks. Produced by Demsa and recorded in BBTB Worldwide Studio, ‘Choko’ is the final product of a freestyle session that Mezzibanks recorded. “Choko to me means anything that motivates and inspires you to be a better version of yourself,” says Mezzibanks. This positive and progressive message is captured in the energy of the song which is highlighted through the video which was released simultaneously with the new single. Written about his soulmate and inspired by his pet name for her, ‘Choko’ is a celebration of beauty and life.

Mezzibanks is a Nigerian Afrobeats artist based in the USA and currently signed to BBTB Worldwide. Mezzi Banks grew up listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, Fela, Shaggy and Sean Paul, and developed a love of dance and entertainment at a young age. Having to overcome adversity and family pressure, Mezzibanks is pushing forward with his own music career after beginning it during Mechanical Engineering school. Mezzibanks has maintained his own original sound throughout the three singles he has released so far, which he has crafted over the years. His debut single ‘Hold Sumtin’ was well received by fans, gaining him lots of social media followers and leading to his fans developing th e nickname of “MR Holdsumtin”.

‘Choko’ is available now via all major streaming platforms.

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