‘All Rise’ is the debut release from emerging South African rap artist Bmatix

A sense of urgency and ambition comes through in Bmatix’s strong debut single. With the minimal instrumentation pushed right back in the mix, all of the space is left for the vocals. ‘All Rise’ details Bmatix’s ambition and drive and articulates a sense of ascension and fate. This bold debut sets out a strong message from South African Bmatix.

Raised in an artistic family, Bmatix’s mother came from a theatre career and his father is an independent musician, whilst his grandmother is a Lawrence Oliver award winner (popeye) and spent time as a Lion King actress on Broadway. With this in mind perhaps the tangible ambition of ‘All Rise’ is understandable and expected. At the young age of 21, Bmatix has been learning his craft as a rapper for 5 years, prioritising the meaning behind his lyrics and complimenting the beat behind him.

‘All Rise’ is available now via all streaming platforms.

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