High energy big beats with an even bigger ambition in the lyrics: ’30 Thousand’ is the latest release from UK rap artist Wrecker

Based in South London Wrecker is back with an ambitious sound and message in his second single. ’30 Thousand’ features high energy big beats with an even bigger ambition in the lyrics. Written as a freestyle during a studio session, Wrecker reflects on the triumphs he has made, and the adversity he has had to overcome.

Branded with high energy, ’30 Thousand’ is a triumphant return for Wrecker. Released along with a video showcasing the things Wrecker worked so hard to gain.

Having been inspired by Styles p, Nas and Ransom, Wrecker’s first single ‘Foreign’ amassed over 90,000 streams on Spotify. The positive response he gained after his freestyle session on Westwood Crib in 2017 pushed Wrecker to develop his music career, resulting in the glamourous and polished brand we see today. Operating in the South London scene, Wrecker has crafted his talent as a rapper and is releasing music for the current UK hip hop scene.

’30 Thousand’ is available now via all major platforms.

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