If you don’t have the ability to be vulnerable, you don’t have the ability to feel love: ‘Honourable’ is the amazing debut release from UK singer-songwriter LALITA

‘Honourable’ is the brilliant new single from LALITA, a one-of-a-kind solo artist who is has been playing unique shows and working with some of the most exciting producers around such as Joy Anonymous and Jammer, whilst travelling to new parts of the world and absorbing sounds and cultures.

‘Honourable’ is all emotion. It’s restrained power and complexity emerge over the course of the track, opening up as the verses entail deep truths while the chorus is empowering and holds a stern message from a place of anger and sincerity, detachment from what once was a relationship.
Of the track, LALITA says:

“If you don’t have the ability to be vulnerable, you don’t have the ability to feel love.”

LALITA is passionate about expressing emotions, and vulnerability is not something she is afraid of showing.

The video for ‘Honourable’ was conceived and directed by Lalita herself. LALITA wanted to tell a story through movements and actions, if you listen closely the visuals are a manifestation of the message within the song. LALITA wanted to ensure that nothing was hidden, both the good and the bad sides of a relationship are portrayed within the visuals.

Aiming to empower and bring people together, LALITA has grand ambition. But with her universal message combined with working with new collaborators, this aim is well within her grasp as she looks beyond traditional boundaries to make something different and true to herself.

‘Honourable’ is available now via all major platforms.

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