Introducing emerging Pop singer-songwriter & creative Glowe and her latest release ‘Overwhelmed’

Burgeoning singer-songwriter and fast-rising name, Georgia Lowe aka Glowe releases the highly anticipated, first instalment of her forthcoming EP, ‘Overwhelmed’.

The single is a powerful entrance into the EP, seeing Glowe’s spikey exuberance and assertive lyrics back-dropped on complimentary, bold production. Overall, the track lends itself as a very strong future- pop anthem that could confidently sit amongst fellow female risers Mae Müller, JGerry, Big Piig and Emily Burns.

Speaking on the meaning behind ‘Overwhelmed’, Glowe explains; “I have ALWAYS struggled with confrontation and arguments. Whilst most of the time I love that I am a rational and easy-going person, I often find myself feeling like a pushover when others have the ability to express their feelings easily, then move on and forget. It sucks being too nice for your own good”

The track is taken from Glowe’s debut EP ‘Daughter’, a 6-track body of carefully crafted work. ‘Daughter’ in an undeniable showcase of the versatility of Glowe’s continually engaging lyricism and delivery; ranging from the raw emotion of ‘Bitter’ to the driving energy of ‘Better Than You Do’. The EP will be supported by a conceptual live performance to celebrate its release with a string of live dates to follow.

21-year-old Glowe is a singer-songwriter and creative from London. With a childhood spent singing alto in choirs, she now makes music to share personal experiences; love, heartbreak and the world through her eyes.

2019 was an incredible debut year. Upon the release of first single ‘Realise’ Wonderland Magazine were quick to express their excitement for this young artist and championed her in their 2019 ‘Ones To Watch’ List. Support from the BBC soon followed, and Spotify added the first 4 singles to ‘New Music Friday’ which culminated in her being the face of ‘New Pop Revolution’. Glowe created a new live concept ‘Glowe In The Dark’ which was launched in London, and the year finished with her first headline show at Servant Jazz Quarters.

2020 has set the precedence for an equally exciting year. Glowe composed a new track specifically for Lee Cooper’s soon to launch spring campaign. Aside from her music career, Glowe will be starring in season 2 of TNT/Paramount production show ‘The Alienist’ alongside Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans.

‘Overwhelmed’ is available now via all major platforms.

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