UK rap artist Fonzie sets the vibe for early spring with his latest release ‘Champagne Skies’

This year Fonzie has said that if your not screaming NOIR, then he’s not done enough this year – with that said he’s come right back with his latest cut, ‘Champagne Skies’

So let’s paint a picture for you.

Think of yourself on a late night drive, on the tail end of a hot summers day (whether that’s in the passenger seat or driving seat). Your now driving through the mist of humidity and thinking of the dreams and passions that you have for your life. Now slowly turn on your aux and hit the play button on ‘Champagne Skies’ and without a hazard of a doubt your now vividly living through those dreams in real time!

‘Champagne Skies’ sets the vibe for early spring and allows you to really hear Fonzie effortlessly float over a Roche produced beat. The track abruptly comes to an end, leaving you yearning for more. But that abrupt ending can only mean one thing …. and that’s ending only means new Fonzie will be dropping again sooner than you think !

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‘Champagne Skies’ is available now via all major platforms.

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