Breaking boundaries with hopes of reaching a worldwide audience: Introducing emerging Japanese band Keef Anthony

Hey Everyone! We are Keef Anthony an alternative rock band hailing from Tokyo, Japan. We want to break boundaries and reach a worldwide audience of like-minded musical seekers. The 5 of us have spent our  musical life respectively and now from 2020 we are together creating and sending messages from a small part of the world with a belief that we all share the same feelings and emotions.

Our first single ‘Let Me’ from our debut EP Keef Anthony is the first song we ever wrote and recorded. We hope that you will love it as much as the effort we put into it!

The basic gist of ‘Let Me’ is that when we are only looking at life from a horizontal perspective, things can seem quite bleak. Let Me encourages the listener to look up at the big blue sky and imagine yourself as a bird soaring high as high can be looking out over the troubles that lay far far beneath.

There are no troubles too big to overcome!

Nowadays, it’s not so difficult to touch base with listeners around the world through the Internet. However, we are at heart a live band and want to perform our work for you in person!

We hope to see you soon! ‘Let Me’ is available now via all major platforms.

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