Influenced by love, heartbreak, vulnerability & passion: ‘Romanticism, Vol A’ is the debut mixtape from emerging R&B artist Sirius Wilde

A mixtape influenced by love, heartbreak, vulnerability and passion, it is a true expression of love in full colour. ‘Romanticism, Vol A’ is the debut mixtape to come from R&B singer Sirius Wilde who’s smooth vocal performance guides us through intimate relationships. Experiencing both the joy and passion with the quieter, more tender moments, this mixtape’s dynamic range is an indication of Sirius Wilde’s versatility and breadth of talent.

Sirius Wilde moved to Canada aged 19 from Nigeria. Finding his way to music through his love of art and graphic design, Sirius Wilde began following music as a career in 2017 and has since opened for Phat Pratt on tour. Inspired by The Weeknd and Daniel Caesar, his first demo tape was released on Soundcloud in 2019, described as soulful and funk-laced. ‘Romanticism, Vol A’ is his debut mixtape, and is sure to leave listeners wanting more of his silky vocals and talent for storytelling.

‘Romanticism, Vol A’ is available now via all major platforms.

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