Introducing emerging UK independent singer-songwriter, m&i and her emotionally charged debut release ‘Into My Mind’

Born and raised in London m&i describes herself  as a singer-songwriter for 2 key reasons:

a) It allows her the creative scope to make music across all genres. This allows for greater freedom of expression and an ultimately deeper connection to people. As you listen, not only will the lyrics, vocals and instrumentals communicate a message, but there is an added layer of history and context in the genre itself. This, she hopes, adds to your overall experience as a listener.

b) It sheds a greater light on the song writing aspect of her music.

“I’m a huge fan of language and its nuances! So much so that I liken the vibrancy and delicacy that some are mesmerised by through visual arts to the intrigue and curiosity sparked by an ear-catching lyric – I’m constantly asking myself why an artist has chosen a specific syntax, verbiage and structure for a song and I apply this to myself when I write too.” – m&i

m&i has been singing since she can remember and started writing when she was 14. At 16, m&i properly committed herself to music.

When asked about her musical journey to date m&i explains; “It’s been a tumultuous journey thus far getting my vocals, writing ability and performances to where they are now – and I’m nowhere near done; I don’t think I’ll ever be! I pride myself on doing everything I can to ensure the strongest and closest connection established between the listener and I.”

Ultimately, m&i is hoping that her creative and emotional outlet helps others navigate, express and motivate themselves like music has done for her. Now finally after years of hard work and dedication m&i has finally released her debut single ‘Into My Mind’. This release is just the beginning, with multiple singles and, EPs and albums in the pipeline m&i is one to watch for 2020.

‘Into My Mind’ is available now via all major platforms.

Connect with m&i 

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