Netherlands-based Sudanese singer, songwriter and artist Gaidaa returns with her glorious, textured new single ‘Falling Higher’

The stucatto, bossa nova-inspired instrumental immediately sets the tone for something sleek and different, as Gaidaa delivers a trademark gossamer vocal performance – the mix of soulful, effortless style and talent that will continue to define her as a notable breakout name.

Starting her career singing backing vocals for US/Jamaican star Masego, Gaidaa began making her own headlines with the release of her breakout track ‘Morning Blue’ last year, resulting in a debut COLORS performance (7M+ streams and counting). The title referenced the #BlueForSudan campaign, in honour of a protesting victim who favoured the colour steel blue.

Making increasingly influential waves in both the UK and US with her follow up release ‘I Like Trouble’, support has been swift with the likes of THE FADER, MILK, DJ BOOTH and Schön all proclaiming a potent new force.

With her debut EP ‘Overture’ now on the horizon, Gaidaa’s blend of style and true soulful connect continue to define her as a serious one to watch for 2020.

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