Introducing emerging singer-songwriter prstn. and his epic & flawless debut release ‘Homesick’

Every now and then an exciting talent emerges, and singer-songwriter prstn. (pronounced Preston) is definitely one that has already started to make waves. From his beginnings in Harrogate, the 23-year-olds journey has been shaped by throwing caution to the wind and leading with a love of lyricism bleeding into a musical form resulting in penning singles for other artists including Youngr & Jack Wins.

Having previously amassed over 30 million streams, & a gold selling track, prstn. unveils his epic and flawless official debut single ‘Homesick’. Produced by friend and collaborator Eddie Serafica (Hamzaa, Lily Allen, James Bay), the alt-pop-soul track is an introduction into what prstn. has been working on since moving to London in 2017.

The track of which his debut EP is named after, tells a sad yet relatable story of a relationship that was always destined for doom and gloom. A relationship where both involved could not be with each other in peace but also live without each other full stop.

The song opens with a melonic guitar riff that hypnotizes the senses before being jolted into another sphere with the tracks signature pulsating baseline. With inspiration from the likes of The XX, Drake & The Weekend the song is a melting pot that will help define prstn. in his own light.

Speaking of the track prstn. says;

“Most of us have found ourselves in a complicated relationship, right? With this one I fell into a trap where the complications and toxic encounters we faced created lows so low, that normality and the highlights we shared felt like of some sort rush. It’s hard to get out of that cycle. I don’t know why, it just is. When we called it a day I think both of us struggled with a sense of feeling homesick. That’s how Homesick came about.”

‘Homesick’ is available now via all major platforms.

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