Samples of Chinese instruments, rough 808’s and smooth harmonies: ‘Kung Fu’ is the latest release from London based trap group SSO

London based trap group ‘SSO’ have just dropped their new release titled ‘Kung Fu’ by 2 members (Reekz 36 and Jico). The track has sampled Chinese instruments for the melodies, with rough 808’s and smooth harmonies incorporated into the song. This contrast creates a very high energy about the track. However, the vocals counteract this, allowing for a much more relaxed aura about the song.

The song automatically starts with said contrast with Jico’s layers of humming moulding the instrumental and the vocals together. This humming continues throughout the duration of the song as Jico comes in with his verse. His low almost adds to the symphony of the heavy bass and humming, creating a very soft but impactful verse. Once getting to the chorus, it will be clear to see why the buzz around this group is continually growing as they hook in fans with their catchy and experimental music. The chorus envelopes both Reekz 36 and Jico sharing half of it, both adding their sound together. The contrast between the voices also adds to the contrast in deep and lighter sounds in the track.

Following the bridge, Reekz 36 drops his verse. Completely switching the mood of the whole song. He mentions his love for his fans and how he uses music as a form of therapy. He also uses the humming to create a togetherness of the whole verse.

After the final hook, we are shown to a slowed and reverbed outro, a feature both artists are heavily messing with. We see the previous from both artists humming from before overlapping a half time beat. Because of this, it seems as though each artist adds their own style to the track, then infusing them at the end. Providing the perfect send off to the listeners.

‘Kung Fu’ is available now via Apple Music, Spotify and all major platforms.

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