Slick beats and groovy basslines: ‘Do For Love’ is the latest release from Aaron London

Photo Credit: Casey Lazonick

Returning with his slick beats and groovy basslines, Aaron London has released his latest edition to his discography, Do For Love. The London based artist has always been inspired by the different themes in R&B, jazz, and soul, which is why in this latest track you can really feel the jazz and soul vibes.

After spending the majority of his life with big aspirations and goals, the talented artist has always driven that into his music. The experimentation of music and creating videos alongside that has allowed Aaron to flex those creative juices.

The latest creation, Do For Love, follows that experimentation by starting out on an acoustic guitar and slowly introducing addictive bass lines and percussion to entice you. The difference between this track and his pelothra of other slices of music, is that he has the smooth vocals of Jael joining him. The vocals combined with the wide variety of instrumentation is just showing off.

Aaron has found happiness and more opportunities since being solely focused on his music and creativeness. This is the reason why this new track provides the much needed feels in the current climate.

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