Taken from his debut album ‘Deeper Understanding’, ‘Crying All Alone’ is the new video from UK artist L33

Drawing on political and social issues as themes for his latest music, East London artist L33 has just released a new video for ‘Crying All Alone’ taken from his debut album ‘Deeper Understanding’.

Gentle and tender guitar leaves space for L33’s warm vocals to deliver a powerful message, which opens our eyes to the world we are currently living in. Collaborating with producer C-Lance on this special piece, overwhelming emotion took control of L33 in the recording booth which can be heard throughout the entirety of the song. ‘Crying All Alone’ was especially chosen, and designed to be released the same day as the debut album ‘Deeper Understanding’. It’s also the track that L33 felt most connected to, more videos from the album are on the way and will be released in due course.

Visual elements of releases are incredibly important to L33, the upmost care is always put into the production of his videos by Digital Star Media. This can really be seen in ‘Crying All Alone’.

L33 began making music with Production Prophets at age of 27, and started to collaborate with producer C-Lance not too long after. Having to overcome many adversities in life, along with the collaborations really helped L33 to grow into the self-aware/self-conscious artist that we hear today.

‘Deeper Understanding’ is available now via all major platforms.

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