Written about his own self-contemplation: ‘XO’ is the latest release from UK rap artist CONXEPT

Written about CONXEPT’s own self-contemplation, ‘XO’ is the latest single to come from the rapper. A collaboration with Harlem Ralph and Mac Backwardz, ‘XO’ was recorded at Espielle’s studio in Oxfordshire. Written at a point where CONXEPT felt that everything was caving in on him, ‘XO’ represents his move to positive thinking, and the importance of self reflection.

Starting out recording music into Garageband, CONXEPT has since released a stream of singles, with his most recent single ‘Meant to Be’ amassing over 6000 streams since its release in 2019. Citing the collaboration with Harlem Ralph as a “career changing collaboration”, CONXEPT always aims to challenge himself with every release, always pushing himself to release the best music possible.

‘XO’ is now available on all major platforms.

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