Detailing a time of heartbreak: ‘Other Side’ is the latest release from emerging R&B singer-songwriter Br3nz

Detailing a time of heartbreak, Br3nz shows a sadder and more intimate side of himself in his new single ‘Other Side’. Written with long time collaborator Jay Krimzz, they each share their personal stories delving back into their memories. The subtle and moody instrumental reflects the thoughtful and personal journey of this song.

Br3nz experimented with different styles of music, developing his voice and learning his craft before discovering his niche in R&B soul pop. With influences from Afro pop and Electronic music, he combines elements from various genres in his fluid and nuanced sound. This earned him plates on BBC Introducing with the release of his previous singles ‘See it Again’ and ‘Dirty Secrets’. He has since played Global 12 Festival in London and amassed over 200,000 streams on Spotify.

‘Other Side’ is available now via all major platforms.

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