Inspired by his journey so far: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is the debut album from independent artist LaiLaiTee

Inspired by his journey so far, LaiLaiTee’s debut EP ‘Dark Knight Rises’ has a message of healing and self care written through it. Influenced by the new sounds coming from the industry, and his experience of being an independent artist, LaiLaiTee pairs soothing vocals with punchy lyrics to encourage his listeners to aspire to more. Produced by renowned South African producer Scales (Shekhinah), the EP was written and performed entirely by LaiLaiTee.

LaiLaiTee attributes his music sense to his multicultural parents, with his Nigerian father listening to local Afro-Juju music and his South African mother introducing him to Kwaito, fused with the Western Pop culture that he experienced whilst growing up in the UK. He blends future urban Afro sound, representing a new era in afro-genres, using Yoruba local dialect blended with washed pidgin to create his unique sound.

‘Dark Knight Rises’ is available now via Apple Music and all major platforms.

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