Inspired by the feeling of a need for a party: ’88’ is the latest EP from emerging hip-hop artist Yung Zilo

’88’ is the latest EP to come from emerging hip hop artist Yung Zilo. Inspired by the feeling of a need for a party, ’88’ presents a lively R&B sound, a remedy for these unprecedented times. The songs were written solely by Yung Zilo who worked with two producers, Eddie Vance and T Stepped In, to provide the beats and mix the vocals.

Yung Zilo is an up and coming hip hop artist who got his start on YouTube as a content creator. After featuring on a friend’s song, Yung Zilo decided to pursue a career in music, performing his first gig earlier this year before the lockdown. Since launching his career, he has released a steady stream of singles that appeal to the hip hop and R&B community, citing G Eazy, Logic and KYLE as his influences.

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