A collection of songs written over 4 months spent in lockdown: ‘Dreams’ is the debut mixtape from Swedish duo OFFDAHOOK

‘Dreams’ is the debut mixtape to come from Swedish duo OFFDAHOOK. A collection of songs written over 4 months spent in lockdown, ‘Dreams’ was produced by ASBØ and engineered by JP to guarantee consistency throughout the record and maintain artistic integrity. The songs on ‘Dreams’ were written to bring joy and inspire people and the songs are supposed to reflect love, dreams, courage, hope, and the determination to follow your dreams no matter what people say.

Formed of two brothers, Swedish hip hop duo OFFDAHOOK draw from Europe’s synth pop sound and fuse it with modern hip hop and an R&B sound. Their sound is characterised by catchy hooks and infectious melodies that instantly hit the listener with a wave of happiness. After a short break during which they refined their sound and brand, they have heralded their return with five singles from their upcoming album.

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