A mellow heartbreak sound: ‘Drown’ is the latest release from Brooklyn rap artist King Xerxes

A mellow heartbreak sound, ‘Drown’ is the latest single to come from Brooklyn rapper King Xerxes. His first single this year, ‘Drown’ shows the light at the end of the tunnel, with the track pushing King Xerxes’ lyrics to the front of the mix. The mellow backing track puts the emphasis on King Xerxes’s conscious style of rap and hip hop.

Brooklyn born and bred, King Xerxes uses his hometown as a key inspiration for his sound, drawing from the energy of NYC and Brooklyn specifically to push his music to new heights. Using the melting pot of cultures and backgrounds that he sees and experiences everyday to influence his sound, King Xerxes shows his versatility as an artist, switching it up from track to track. Growing up inspired by Jay Z and Biggie Smalls, he cites Drake and Lil Wayne as key influences to his current style.

‘Drown’ is avilable now via all major platforms.

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