Inspired by exes, family, and friends: ‘Jus Another Day’ is the latest EP from emerging UK rap artist Jus Jermaine

‘Jus Another Day’ is the latest EP to come from East London rapper Jus Jermaine. The five track EP explores different real life situations from Jus Jermaine’s personal life, inspired by exes, family, and friends. Jus Jermaine’s songs come chorus first with a catchy beat. ‘Jus Another Day’ shows Jus Jermaine taking risks with his sound and debuts him singing on his tracks.

Starting out with freestyles recorded in his bedroom in 2011, Jus Jermaine ranges from hip hop to R&B, showing us different sides and emotions. Garnering celebrity attention with his freestyle talents, Jus Jermaine displays growth on his new five track EP, citing Drake and Lil Wayne as his main influences.

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