Inspired by the concept of toxic love: ‘Bad Things’ is the latest release from UK artists Hugo Andre and Dulce Somnia

Inspired by the concept of toxic love, ‘Bad Things’ follows the narrative of a relationship unravelling. Being the latest song to come from British songwriter’s Hugo Andre and Dulce Somnia. Co-written by Dulce and Hugo, who have been friends for years, the two spent lots of time perfecting the sound and lyrics resulting in this groovy and catchy downbeat track. Themed around betrayal and exploring the thin line between love and lust. The song draws out dark influences and references, whilst hooking us in with a catchy chorus and charismatic vocal riffs.

‘Bad Things’ marks the first collaboration between Hugo Andre and Dulce Somnia, and the debut release for the latter. Originally a filmmaker, Hugo Andre incorporates his love of visuals in his creative music videos which he makes himself to accompany his releases. Having released ten tracks to date, Hugo draws from different genres to convey his mood and experience in his songs. Dulce Somnia takes his stage name from the Latin translation of ‘Sweet Dreams’ which reflects his hypnotic singing style and imagery. Styling himself as a dark R&B artist, ‘Bad Things’ is the debut release from the young artist, eager to make his mark.

‘Bad Things’ is available now via all major platforms

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