‘Solid’ is the latest release from emerging rap artist KeeZY

Recorded during lockdown, ‘Solid’ is the latest release to come from young rapper KeeZY. With the video drawing on symbolism from the Black Lives Matter movement that is currently going on all over the world, KeeZY aims to reach beyond his fan base to make a political statement about the treatment of the black community in America. Lockdown gave KeeZY the extra time he needed to dedicate himself to this latest project which is being premiered with GlebaTV.

Referred to as the ‘black bieber’, KeeZY’s unique sound has been attracting attention throughout America. A highly talented musician and videographer, KeeZY produces all of his content himself, and mixes and masters his records at his home studio. Originally from Cleveland, he is currently living in Atlanta where he is in the early stages of building his new music company ‘Pulse’.

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