A reflection of modern relationships: ‘Precious’ Prod. by OneInNine is the enchanting new single from rising singer-songwriter LALITA

LALITA returns with ‘Precious’, the new single produced by OneInNine. The track is the follow-up to the fantastic debut ‘Honourable’, released earlier this year.

LALITA continues where she left off with ‘Honourable’. ‘Precious’ brings another big emotional hit. Deep soul is combined with atmospheric guitar lines mix with ethereal productions and hazy vocals to create something unique. It’s a step forward for LALITA, an artist constantly looking for new possibilities and open to experiences. It is this open-hearted approach that is setting her apart, and has seen her explore sounds and cultures that feed into her own musical world.

Of the track, LALITA says:

“It’s a reflection of modern relationships, being in love but also free. It is about finding someone precious but not adding pressure to the relationship, just letting it be, allowing it to grown without labels.”

“Writing precious helped me to detach away from a desired outcome based upon a relationship I was in at the time. “I wrote this song after having a discussion with a partner about the importance of not adding pressure to anything in life because all that does is add confusion and stress due to constantly trying to live up to expectations you’ve set for yourself/current circumstance.”

Although Precious is primarily about a relationship it can also be translated into anything you’re going through in life, there’s a message within the song which speaks upon the fact that blessings often come in people and whether the outcome is good or bad they come to teach you lessons and often set you free from past limitations, so rather than resisting circumstances we should learn to find gratitude in what’s being presented to us at the time.”

LALITA has been working remotely with Joy Anonymous and OneInNine as lockdown has continued, her introduction to OneInNine coming through her connection with Jammer (Boy Better Know) who she has previously worked with. LALITA supported Joy Crookes earlier this year.

‘Precious’ is the first in a string of new releases coming from LALITA. Lockdown has been a particularly creative period, and now LAITA is building quickly towards what will be her debut project.


Lalita is a spiritually-fuelled artist who is pouring her healing voice into the world in a mind-altering R&B shaped pill. Medicine music has been her muse after participating in intimate rituals sharing her voice through mantras and vibration. This comes through in Lalita’s singing, even on contemporary production you can hear the transcendental tones.

Her searching soul means she is actively engaged in exploring sounds, she’s performed with an Indian band overseas, added vocals to techno/house music and seamlessly ties genres together with her unique voice.

This is an artist of modern mysticism and integrity, open to inviting people into her world, not only in her music but her unorthodox & addictive visuals, pioneering fashion and universal messages.

‘Precious’ is available now via all major platforms.

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