A versatile city-pop album to chill to: ‘berri boi’ is the new album from emerging alternative hip-hop artist Reed

A versatile city-pop album to chill to! ‘berri boi’ provides that look-out-the-window, stare-into-the-sunset moment at the end of your day, influenced by lofi hip-hop and soul-funk music of the present. Reed serves us the real feels with a mainstream yet unique sound for fans of Childish Gambino and Anderson Paak. Listen closely, ‘berri boi’ hits that ‘sweet as honey’ spot where nostalgia blends with what we love about hip-hop and chill-pop music today. We love to hear it! An album worth having on all of your playlists, whether you’re partying or meditating, give ‘berri boi’ your evening and you will be levitating into the future of alternative hip-hop.

Sounding fresh as ever, Reed is a promising artist from Charlotte, NC, who has evolved the berri boi persona to kick off the next stage of his career. A clever lyricist displaying deep emotions in all of his releases so far and tying together his music through an underlying sense of existential dread. Reed presents his current state of mind in ‘berri boi’ and offers us an incredible insight to his world. Already looking at live shows in Japan, Reed will follow through with an exciting post-album release path. A real one to watch!

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