Authentic, sincere and vulnerable: ‘9-Scope’ is latest collaborative project from Atlanta producer D-9 Musick

‘9-Scope’ is the latest album to come from Atlanta producer D-9 Musick. Drawing influence from DJ Khalid, this collaborative album sees D-9 Musick working with Wop Kash, Plaay, Jane Doe and Lil Hollow. Blessing ears with their steady creative flow, this release feels authentic, sincere and vulnerable whilst self-assured and bold in it’s sound. Although a video wasn’t originally planned, Wop Kash vibed so much with the song that he had a clear vision that both he and D-9 Musick wanted to pursue.

Starting in 2008, D-9 Musick has released two instrumental albums so far, with ‘9-Scope’ being his first album with vocals. Creator of deep, dark and spaced out music, D-9 Musick values weird sounds and simple melodies in his music. Describing himself as “sick with music”, he sees creating and producing as a fundamental part of his existence.

‘9-Scope’ is available now via all major platforms.

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