Empowering and self affirming: ‘No One’ is the latest release from emerging singer-songwriter Emprezz Jay

Empowering and self affirming, ‘No One’ is the latest single to come from talented singer Emprezz Jay. A fresh blend of reggae, hip hop and smokey R&B, ‘No One’ sees Emprezz Jay works through emotions caused by a recent toxic relationship. Emprezz Jay describes the writing process as being “strapped in a rollercoaster ride going down memory lane every lyric and every bar was a building block to all the mixed emotions that was growing inside me”. The intensely cathartic process culminated in this catchy single which proudly demonstrates Emprezz Jay’s vocal talents and the collaboration with producer Kalih Jah.

A Jamaican born singer/musician and songwriter from Brooklyn, Emprezz Jay is known as one of the most memorable and explosive voices in the Tropical/ R&B scene. Her debut single ‘Secrets’ was released in 2019 and she has been following up on the success of her debut with a series of hard-hitting singles. Aside from her solo career, Emprezz Jay is also a renowned ghost writer and session guitarist, as well as turning her hand to holistic medicine and fashion.

‘No One’ is available now via all major platforms.

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