Gritty and impassioned: ‘Emotional’ is the latest release from UK songstress Lauren Murray

Contrasting the expectations of perfected and flawless music, ‘Emotional’ exposes the realities of artistry in raw and candid conversations that pivot through different relationships. With its crackling piano and simplified lo-fi backbeat Lauren’s vocals float through the mix heralding a new era in her brand and aesthetic. Produced by Yusei and recorded at Bandicoot Studios, the single is treated with grace and care, with powerful and elegant visuals to match. Predicted to be her biggest success yet, this single is the perfect return for this incredible singer with a video to truly show what she is about.

Formerly an X-Factor finalist, Lauren Murray has perfected her signature sound, influenced by Jorja Smith and Amy Winehouse. Her most recent release ‘Fantasy’ easily surpassed the 300k milestone, with over 10,000 fans creating videos to the song via popular platform TikTok. Managed by Bandicoot, Lauren is branching out into other genres this year, further evolving her artistry and expanding her fanbase. Her continuous hard work and dedication means she is always pushing herself to the next project and diversifying her sound. With over 175,000 followers on Instagram and thousands of streams, Lauren Murray is the breath of fresh air needed within today’s scene.

‘Emotional’ is available now via all major platforms.

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