Wanting to shine a light on overcoming difficulties in a relationship: ‘Last Week’ is the latest release from DIY producer & rapper JohanTheFirst

Completed in his home studio, ‘Last Week’ captures the spontaneous energy of the recording session which started with the beat. The lyrics came from JohanTheFirst freestyling over the top of the fresh beat, with the whole song finished in a matter of hours. The video, which is due to drop on release day, brings out the fun and artistic side of the track and reminds us of summer days spent in the sun.

Coming from a musical background, a career in music had a sense of inevitably for JohanTheFirst. Moving to another country in his teens and renting a basement flat on his own, he was drawn to production as a way to combat the feeling of isolation and boredom. Creating beats to rap over, JohanTheFirst soon found his groove and has spent years developing and honing his sound.

‘Last Week’ is available now via all major platforms.

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