‘Hugonstein’ is the debut album from innovative emerging artist Dead Crow

The first LP release from the innovative Dead Crow! Having spent the past few years working from home on this release, it is clear that the quiet, peaceful home studio space used to create this album brought out ultimate creativity in Dead Crow. Identifying as a rap artist, this release was created in order to oppose the typical standard of a Hip-Hop album. ‘Hugonstein’ includes almost every emotion, and brings inspiration from every genre, ranging from summer Hip-Hop to dark, emotional Rock. ‘Every song is inspired from an experience in my life over the last two years, none of them are meaningless.’ Incorporating his family’s feedback and even harmonies into the album-making process, the neverending support surrounding this artist is the drive to continue working on more, incredible releases! For fans of BROCKHAMPTON and Oliver Tree check out this eclectic album from Dead Crow!

Dead Crow is a 17 year old musician from Swansea, Wales. He started passionately writing music after the inspiration of learning lyricism at the age of 11. The art of lyricism then bloomed the urge to make music that he could apply his lyrics to. Dead Crow has five previous releases, his first single ‘Slam The Ground’, his charity single ‘Many More’, his first EP ‘Growth’, after came the single ‘Let’s Swim Again’ and finally the most recent was an A and B side of ‘Then Stay & Cool Head’ featuring CrazeTheJack. Dead Crow’s music stems from the Hip-Hop genre, although he has followed other routes of genre inspiration such as Pop, Rock and Folk. Dead Crow has performed in multiple venues throughout Swansea City and has also performed at many Welsh music festivals. He has supported artists such as The Allergies and The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble who later called on him to perform alongside them. Dead Crow wrote, produced and mixed his album, ‘Hugonstein’, and learned most of these skills through family and self teaching, but also with support from Welsh producer Joe Gibb. A true artist who is already turning heads with his new album release!

‘Hugonstein’ is available now via all major platforms.

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