‘Midnight Madness’ is the debut EP from emerging contemporary R&B artist Oliviaa Maduro

‘Midnight Madness’ is the debut EP to come from contemporary R&B artist Oliviaa Maduro, with strong influences of pop and dance styles. Conveying raw and genuine feelings of honesty and empathy, ‘Midnight Madness’ is a diverse and dynamic four track EP which presents Oliviaa Maduro’s versatility as an artist. The road to this project was filled with pitfalls, with difficulty finding the right team for her and then lockdown putting the breaks on the project. Midnight Madness’ bursts onto the airwaves triumphantly having overcome these difficulties and introducing Oliviaa Maduro as the artist she has always perceived herself as.

Oliviaa Maduro is a young artist hailing from South London. “I grew up fascinated by the magic that is music, the concept of building something so beautiful from nothing.” From transcribing her favourite songs onto her uncle’s piano by ear to writing her own music at the age of 13, she has at every stage shown a deep commitment to music. Being named as Gas track of the week on BBC’s Charlie Sloth’s Gas or Trash segment in 2016, Oliviaa Maduro prides herself on her sassy and clever lyrics, sweet and unique vocals, and memorable bass, drums and melodies, connecting with hearts and souls all over the world.

‘Midnight Madness’ is available now via all major platforms.

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