Paying tribute to artists that have influenced him along the way: ‘Chosen’ is the latest release from alternative artist Banwo

A new sound for Banwo, we can’t get enough of the new single ‘Chosen’. Using his singing voice for the first time on a record, Banwo pushes himself to dizzying heights on ‘Chosen’, giving us that warm and nostalgic feeling while we rock our heads to the beat. This laid-back track hits all the right notes, as Banwo delivers depth of feeling while he reminisces on his journey so far, paying tribute to artists that have influenced him along the way.

“It’s taken so much courage for me to release a song that both feels viscerally good but is far out of my comfort zone. I worked with an incredible team of creatives to bring the song to life through our visuals.”

Formerly known as Banwo the Poet, Banwo is no stranger to the music industry. Picked up by BBC Introducing in 2016 following the release of his debut EP, Banwo has played Latitude Festival and has written for Poetry campaigns championed by the BBC. After taking time out to focus on the path he wanted to take, Banwo is back with a slightly different name but the same eloquence and same determination and drive. His first single from this new project has already been playlisted by the BBC, and it is clear that Banwo is certainly one to watch!

‘Chosen’ is available now via all major platforms.

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Credits: Featured image by Black Pearl Pictures

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