Taken from his forthcoming album ‘Classic OG’, ‘The Anthem’ is the latest release from JJ Finesser

‘The Anthem’ is the new video to come from JJ Finesser, the talented Hip-Hop emcee. ‘The Anthem’ is released as an exciting precursor to his third studio album, ‘Classic OG’. Inspired by the passing of his great-grandparents, ‘Classic OG’ is an ode to the old school sounds of Hip-Hop and the maturing of the artist. JJ Finesser says he sees this album as a “paradigm shift” in how he sees himself as an artist and describes ‘Classic OG’ as a renaissance piece of Hip-Hop art. Representing his love for ‘real Hip-Hop’, ‘Classic OG’ is the final installment of a trilogy of albums released by JJ Finesser, following on from ‘Nalej’ and ‘Opus Dei’. ‘The Anthem’ lays it all bare for JJ Finesser as he flexes his flow and control of the beat, offering nothing to distract from the talent on show.

Influenced by A Tribe Called Quest, Static Major, Big L and Black Star, JJ Finesser describes himself as a real Hip-Hop emcee. All three of his albums have been mixed, mastered and produced by Jerry D.

As a student of the old school sounds of Hip-Hop, he classes his work as renaissance Hip-Hop as it pays tribute to the traditions of the genre. JJ Finesser started performing in 2012 and recorded the album “Nalej” in 2013 as a student at Santa Clara University after growing up listening to the golden era of Hip-Hop – The 90’s. Inspired by this specific era of music, JJ Finnesser makes it his mission to let the younger generation know what real Hip-Hop sounds like, looks like and feels like.

In his own words: ‘my album is titled “Classic OG,” for the real Hip-Hop emcees that came before me. I’m here to live and provide a legacy. I’m in this for the love of Hip-Hop.’

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