Unapologetically catchy, fun and rhythmic: ‘Do It & Dash’ is the latest release from emerging Afro Rapper Slitz Diego

With inspiration from NSG’s Options and Darkoo’s ‘Gangsta’, ‘Do It & Dash’ is a simple hook full of catchy flows and melodic sequences catered to the sounds popular to an African & Caribbean audience, Slitz Diego describes the recording session as a mission to create a vibe. They were certainly successful! ‘Do It and Dash’ is unapologetically catchy, fun and rhythmic.

Slitz Diego is a musician who prides himself on his Nigerian descent and celebrates his heritage through his music. He fuses together a skippy rapping style, ensuring the alliteration of words within each sentence is delivered with eloquently subtle flow. His uniquely distinct melodies come together perfectly with his stories, allowing for the ‘Diego Experience’ to take full effect on listeners. With a steady stream of singles since last year, he has been included on Spotify playlists including ‘Afro Hits’ and ‘Rap UK’. The skies are the limit for Slitz Diego!

‘Do It & Dash’ is available now via all major platforms.

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