Written for players who are making big moves in the game: ‘Gorillas’ ft. Ali is the latest release from LA based rap artist George Khouri

‘Gorillas‘ is a mood! Written for players who are making big moves in the game, ‘Gorillas’ is the brand new track to come from LA based rap artist George Khouri. Featuring Ali for his same energy level go-getter attitude, George Khouri approached this track Rick Ross style, with both artists freestyling over the beat without needing to write lyrics down. George Khouri freestyled his verse after watching the movie ‘BLOW’, which inspired some of the lyrics. ‘Gorillas’ is a high energy hard core song, written to be blasted out those speakers loud!

George Khouri got his start in hip hop being pulled into rap battles in school. He quickly became known for his witty and rapid flow. George Khouri makes exciting, heavy hitting hip hop songs that energize his listeners. He has a deep, dominating voice that is the driving force behind every chorus he writes. Not content to just write the music, he also records, produces and mixes his own tracks. George grounded his rap career in DC and eventually moved to Los Angeles where he worked with major artists and even branched into TV, writing and producing his own show and hosting a radio show.

‘Gorillasis available now via all major platforms.

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