Jam packed with soul & attitude: ‘Incredible’ is the debut release from emerging R&B, Funk and Soul singer-songwriter Renee Soul

Jam packed with soul and attitude, Renee Soul has dropped her debut single ‘Incredible’. Inspired to write the track about a past relationship, Renee Soul wanted to share the “important message of women knowing self love and worth.” Recorded at Metropolis Studios in London, Renee Soul was awarded 2 professional studios sessions for winning a competition with The Academy Of Contemporary Music (ACM). Bringing pure 90’s vibes to the video, there are hints of TLC and Salt N Pepper, all mixed together with the incredible Renee Soul.

Renee Soul is an R&B, Funk and Soul singer songwriter from London. Citing Curtis Mayfield, Lucy Pearl and Mariah Carey as her key influences, Renee Soul is a satirical and contemporary artist that is ready to share her art with the world. You can’t help but fall in love with her boundless energy and powerhouse vocals.

‘Incredible’ is available now via all major platforms.

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