Premiere: ‘Drop On Em’ ft. Magic is the latest release from UK rap artist Fonzie

Let’s talk about Jeff and Matt Hardy, Let’s talk about Kane and Undertaker, Let’s talk about Triple H and Shawn Michael. All legendary partnerships and when thinking about these partnerships a direct parallel can be drawn between the connection and synergy that is always seen anytime Fonzie & Magic link up!

So be rest assured they have not disappointed with their most recent collaboration and have once again aligned to provide you with an absolute banger! Linking back up with producer Roche they have once again pushed each other to not only bring out the best in each other but more importantly bring out their best performance thus far.

‘Drop on Em’ from the name alone was set to make huge strides within the scene but when listening to the track you’ll see why Magic states “Do it like Covid Everything Lockoff” – as the track will well and truly lockoff any place its played at and had it not been for COVID I’m sure the guys would have had numerous venues to perform the track at!

As you hear the track, I’m sure you’ll be of the same sentiment that not having a video would most definitely be a misjustice on the part of Fonzie & Magic. So, the guys sought the services of Twam & Block Shots to craft a getaway video – where Fonzie & Magic take you on an exhilarating journey of taking their hostage from pick up to the eventual drop off point.

The video smartly takes reference from Starsky & Hutch – as we see Fonzie starring as his alter ego “Two Button Bobby” and Magic starring as “Chow Mein”. With playing these roles it takes an edge off the intensity of the hostage chase and sees the guys lapping in their alter egos.

Let’s take this track as an indication of the further collaborations that the guys have stashed in the tuck!

‘Drop On Em’ is available now via all major platforms.

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