A love song we can all relate to: ‘Viral Love’ is the hot new single from emerging South London R&B artist Tayo D

Following on from the success of his debut single ‘Black is Beautiful’, ‘Viral Love’ is a love song we can all relate to. Speaking to the euphoria of finding that one person that you truly love, ‘Viral Love’ shows the soft and loving side of Tayo D. Inspired by the lockdown trend of #Quarantinebae, ‘Viral Love’ started off as a freestyle, and quickly developed into an entire EPs worth of material. ‘Viral Love’ is the first single to come from this lockdown project which is expected to drop in the New Year.

Growing up in South London but heavily influenced by his Yoruba heritage, Tayo D celebrates all elements of his identity through music. Starting out freestyling to grime beats, Tayo D fuses elements of R&B, Drill, Grime and Afrobeats to create a music that truly reflects him as an artist. His debut release ‘Black is Beautiful’ was released earlier this year and was picked up for radio play by Reprezent and FlexFM.

‘Viral Love’ is available now via all major platforms.

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